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5 Events That You Can Host With Laser Tag Source

There are tons of awesome events that can be hosted with the help of Laser Tag Source. Of course, you don’t need an excuse to rent from us because every day is a Laser Tag Source kind of day in our books, but in case you were curious, let me let you in on the top 5 major events that people host with our help.

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Corporate Events meet Laser Tag Source

For those of you who wear a fancy suit and tie to work everyday, I commend you. What if I told you that you could show off your fun and crazy side to your boss and colleagues without the penalty of goofing off in the office?

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Laser Tag Grad Party

Graduation is just around the corner for both High School Seniors and College Seniors and I do believe there is no better way to commemorate such a fantastic moment in life than to throw a celebratory laser tag party through Laser Tag Source!

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Our Sauciest Gun Ever!

As you bob and weave in and out of our bunkers, or even as you’re down down down on your knees, laying so low in the weeds… don’t be startled if you find yourself suddenly doing your own little bob and weave to the beat of the song Barracuda as it rings in your head with each victory shot you take.

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Customer Spotlight: Sacajawea Middle School!

We as Laser Tag Source partner with people across the nation and supply an adventure in a box for your event, and now we are going to promote YOU and the many creative ways and that you lovely people are using the equipment!

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