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Take The Adventure To Your Backyard

Inkwell blackness fills your vision with flecks of florescent blue and green scattered throughout. You can make out faint movements on the opposing side of a ground floor filled with possible cover options.

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Customer Spotlight: Campbell County Library

We had the pleasure of meeting Katie with the Campbell County Library when she contacted us about using laser tag at her Comic Con themed event. What came next was the most fun meeting I’ve ever had!

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The Women Behind the Work

We featured our three female employees last week on Facebook and it was promised that a blog post would be designated to those ladies because a single picture just doesn’t do them justice. They all have something to bring to the table at Laser Tag Source and we couldn’t run nearly as well (if at all) without them!

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PSA: Advanced Orders!

Laser Tag family, friends, fans, acquaintances and strangers alike….This is a Public Service Announcement for all who are planning to rent equipment from us through the months of August – December.

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Museum After Dark: The Hunger Games

Adults need to have some fun too and there’s an upcoming event that will allow you to ditch the kids for the night and take a friend or your sweetheart for a night out on the town!

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Laser Tag Facebook Spotlight!

Have you checked out our Facebook page lately? If you haven’t, you definitely should because we get some pretty regular customer feedback over there and sometimes these awesome customers even share some fun laser tag ideas!

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So last week I talked about the idea of an end of summer laser tag bash but this week I would like to discuss the idea of a duel fundraiser/graduation for the graduating youth in your youth groups!

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End of Summer Bash

With school starting up in just about a month here in the south, I think it’s about time to start planning an end of the summer bash.

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Packages Galore!

Sometimes life is a little bit easier when things are miraculously planned for you. All of the stressing over little details and trying to make things work for the bigger picture can take a lot of time and energy that we don’t always have.

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