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The Cherry On Top Of Your Order

Lately at Laser Tag Source we’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding our scoring systems, and we are so glad people are looking to take their games to the next level!

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Titan Tips and Tricks

Interested in renting the brand new Titan laser tag gun from Laser Tag Source? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to help make your next Titan laser tag event the best one yet.

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From Photon to Sabertron

The perception that laser tag is old an obsolete is unfounded. Huge leaps are being made and there is a a niche that calls for a return to active games. It seems fitting that the next addition answering this call would be in the form of a foam sword. The Kotaku, a news website that covers developments in gaming, described the new Sabertron as, “laser tag with swords.” which would complete George Cart’s imagination of a real life playable Star Wars.

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Laser Tag … Inside?

What if I told you that you don’t need a big yard or a gigantic warehouse to play laser tag in? What if I told you that you could play laser tag in your own school, church or, yes, even house?

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Laser Tag Connects

Laser Tag Source prides itself on helping people be happy. We want you go out and have fun with your friends and we are happy that our job is to provide a way for you to do that.

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BIG News

Big news for Laser Tag Source! No, before you ask, we aren’t engaged or pregnant. But we are introducing a brand new Laser Tag Gun!

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