stuck at home package THe Battle Rifle

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Age range

Middle School to Adults

offers 4 Different game modes

Game modes feature different classes each with their own special perks such as gernade launchers and health kits.

wireless headband

One-size fits all silicone headband with 360° tagging radius, so stay covered!

Two-handed operation

Our largest tagger has our brightest LED’s on-board as well as the strongest vibration with haptic feedback.

game modes

Free for All

No teams in this mode. Everyone can tag anybody. Choose your weapon, and the last person standing wins!


Choose from Alpha or Bravo team. Perks can be selected for each player. Perks include grenade launcher, med-kit, body armor, concussion grenades, or extended magazines.


This 3-team mode features different team each with thier own classes. Classes feature different perks suchs as teammate healing, faster reloads, incendiary (fire) damage.


Aliens have invaded! Select to play as the Infected or Survivors. Each faction plays to either eliminate remaining survivors or exterminate the infected. Play until no infected remain or all survivors are turned.

Frequently Asked Questions



This package comes with 4 or 8 of the Battle Rifle laser taggers, charging cables, and tagger instructions.

How much is shipping?

Shipping for this package is included in the price. Normally shipping ranges from $30-60

How long is the reservation?

The reservation for this package will last 1 week, or 7 days.

How do I reserve the equipment for a week?

Simply select the start of your reservation as your event date on the reservation page. We’ll handle the rest!

Do i need a vest or scoring system?

The Battle Rifle does not require a vest, but does come with a pre-paired, wireless headband. Each tagger has panels on the headband and front of the tagger that register hits from the other players. Scoring works on an elimination stlyre, meaning the last player or team standing wins!

how do I power the guns?

The guns will be charged upon shipment but can be topped off if needed by plugging in one of the included chargers for the Battle Rifle tagger or wireless headband.

Are there instructions?

Tagger instructions will be included inside the box as a ring-bound instruction booklet. Tutorial videos on how to set up the guns can be viewed on this site under Tech Support in the top banner.