stuck at home package THe iCombat Barracuda

Place Reservation

Age range

Middle School to Adults

Audible & VIsual signals

Indicates starting and completion of games, countdown to game start, tagging another player, and being tagged yourself.

rf & infrared communications

Equipped with vibration and haptic feedback. Wirelessly keeps score by connection to the host gun.

onboard lcd display

Shows kills, ammo, health, game time remaining, who you shot, and who shot you.

additional tagger features

Free for all & Team Gameplay

Tagger supports free for all and up to 4 Teams at once. Connection from host gun syncs game modes across all devices. 

Tagger Range

Tagger can reach distances over 1000 feet using ultra precise infrared and RF signals day or night.

Unlimited customization

Choose your game length, amount of health, ammunition, and time between respawn.

Frequently Asked Questions



This package comes with 6 of the iCombat Barracuda laser taggers, extra batteries, tagger instructions.

How much is shipping?

Shipping for this package is included in the price. Normally shipping ranges from $30-60

How long is the reservation?

The reservation for this package will last 1 week, or 7 days.

How do I reserve the equipment for a week?

Simply select the start of your reservation as your event date on the reservation page. We’ll handle the rest!

Do i need a vest or scoring system?

The Tippmann does not require a vest. Each gun has panels on top that register hits from the other players. The Tippmann can be used in conjunction with the Command Center Module (CCM) scoring system for more in-depth gameplay, however, the guns do not need the scoring system to function. 

how do I power the guns?

The guns will be shipped with batteries in them, we will also include a small bag of extras. The guns use AA batteries so you may provide any addition you feel that you need.

Are there instructions?

Tagger instructions can be found on the inside lid of the our box. Tutorial videos on how to set up the guns can be viewed on this site under Tech Support in the top banner.