About Our Company

Laser Tag Source Exists to provide cost-effective laser-tag* rental equipment to make our customers’ events special.

When Laser Tag Source started in the summer of 2010 it opened for business to provide a summer camp with laser tag rental gear to make their event special. From our humble beginning of 40 Phoenix LTX taggers stuffed into a bedroom closet to a company with a nation-wide customer base we have grown because we have fulfilled our mission in the lives of so many customers, both new and returning.

* Laser-tag is what we currently offer. But as we grow and expand we are willing to shift with the market if needed. We will remain committed to our model of renting only gear that is light and durable enough to ship and that is not overly-complicated to use for our clients.

Company Values

As an organization these are the values we have chosen to build our company on and we are committed to maintaining these values in LTS as it grows:


  • Customer Experience: We want our customers to be delightfully surprised by their positive experiences with our company. From the first time they visit our website, to their ordering process, to any contact they have with an employee of LTS, to the moment they open their box of rental gear, to the second they hand it over to UPS for return to our warehouse: we’re committed to making that experience pleasant. LTS is a FUN company (hey! We rent laser tag guns!) but at LTS we do fun professionally.
  • Positive Work Environment: Work is work… but to the extent we are able we want working at LTS to be a positive experience for our employees. It’s why we do things like: Celebrate wins with pizza parties, allow employees free access to available rental gear over the weekends, have a candy machine, allow dogs in our workplace, do our best to offer schedule flexibility, and other amazing things! (like “boat-day”, if you don’t know ask about boat-day). Everyone that works for LTS works hard, if you’re not a hard-worker you probably won’t be offered a job and if you fool us you’ll soon find that those without a drive to do their best don’t fit in very well. We work hard at our day-to-day tasks; we also work hard to make our offices and warehouses places that people don’t dread on Monday morning!
  • Entrepreneurial mind-set: We think about budgets differently at LTS. You won’t be punished for coming in “under-budget” (by a reduction in your operating budget like at most places). You also won’t be punished for going “over-budget” (but we don’t encourage anyone to “make it rain” either). We approach business with an entrepreneurial mind-set. We’re willing to make investments and take calculated risks if the return on those investments or risks looks like a net win for LTS. We are aggressive in our growth plan for LTS, you may have the next great idea that takes LTS to the next level! Even if your idea is a budget buster we want to know about it! Your idea may be the one that tips the scales for LTS! At LTS we celebrate the risks that turn out to be big wins, we also celebrate the chances we take that aren’t so successful… at least we tried!
  • Inertia: We value positive inertia. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, an object in motion tends to stay in motion. A company in motion tends to stay in motion! We want to be moving ever forward! Always improving and refining what we do. We will never be done improving what we do at LTS.
  • Communication: We value communication in LTS. We want to celebrate wins together and conquer struggles as a unit! We can’t do those things without clear communication with each other. The Leadership at LTS is committed to keeping lines of communication open! Our emails are available and we will always respond as quickly as we can to any form of communication that is shared within our company. It’s why we believe strongly in the “mandate to dissent”, if you see or foresee a problem speak up.  It’s also why we report to one another frequently and honestly and will continue to hone a culture of open communication.
  • Collaboration: No department in LTS is a stand-alone! Our warehouse and shipping works hand-in-hand with our customer service department, which works hand in hand with our marketing department, which works hand in hand with our warehouse and shipping team…. Think about how your actions will affect your coworkers. Think about how the department you work in can help other departments perform better. Our warehouse team packs specific gear instructions (to improve our customer service) and free screwdrivers (our marketing department came up with that as a one-two punch on marketing and improving customer service) into every shipment. We are a TEAM! We win as a team or we lose as a team.