Fog Machine – $99.99 1200 watt Haze machine 

*Price shown is for rentals only

Professional Grade

We ONLY rent and ship Geniune Lego® bricks in our rental packages.

Easy to use

Our Haze Machine is a simple and effective with easy controls with wireless functionality.


Team work

Let your kid’s imaginations soar as they build cities, castles, space stations, and imaginary lands. 

How it works

We rent and ship Genuine LEGO® bricks to your door!  LEGO® Brick Parties are great for birthdays, church events, elementary school festivals, family days, corporate events and any other activity where a giant pile of LEGO® would come in handy.  Simply place your reservation and we’ll ship the sanitized LEGO® Bricks to your door.  You can play, create, and build with our 25 pounds of bulk bricks.  We provide a pre-paid return label in the box.  Put everything back in the box and ship it back to us.  

Lost a few bricks?

If you can’t find all the bricks we sent you, It’s totally normal.  When we receive your return, as long as you are within 2 ounces of your original rental weight, there will be no additional charge.   


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Product Information

  • Ease of Use 90% 90%
  • Ease of Clean up 60% 60%
  • Best Party Ever 100% 100%