Hero Blast

Hero Blast – $42.00

Question: Ever wonder what it’s like to be a superhero?

Turn off the movies, put down the comic books, and become the superhero with our most sophisticated laser tag system yet!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… the Hero Blast! That’s right: our newest laser tagger is here and ready to transform you into a superhero. The Hero Blast is the new king of our arsenal. With a range of 500 feet outdoors and 1000 feet indoors, you can have super powered battles that rival The Avengers.

So what kind of superpowers are we working with exactly? Well, when you start your game, you can choose between three classes: Titan, Commando, and Medic. All three have the same primary attack: a devastating laser blast that eliminates your opponents in four hits. But the Hero Blast really shines when you use your superpower.

3 Game Modes

The Titan unleashes a charged mega-blast that, when fully charged, takes out your adversaries with just one hit. Meanwhile, the Commando’s superpower is a rapid-fire laser that eliminates opponents in five hits. Your enemies won’t even know what hit them. Finally, the Medic, for use in team modes, has a healing superpower. Is one of your allies just one laser hit away from being eliminated? No problem! Just use your superpower to restore their health and get them back in the battle to save the world!

This is just the tip of the iceberg with the Hero Blast. Detailed scores are available with the CCM, it is compatible with the iCombat Barracuda, and more. With the Hero Blast, you won’t just become the hero. You’ll be the superhero.


Range: 250ft


Range: 150ft


Solo / Up to 4 Teams

Hero Blast Instructions

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