The Lux – $675.00 for 10 TAGGERS + SCORING SYSTEM

*Price shown is for rentals only

Take your adventures up a notch or two with the Lux! This tagger, designed for the deluxe, premium experience, transports you out of this world into the adventure of your dreams! Suit up, power on, and face down your opponent in an epic battle of strategy and skill.

Whether you’re building your battle-themed birthday party, celebrating graduation, or kicking-off the semester for your youth group, the Lux can transform any event into an action-packed one for the books!

Each Lux tagger comes paired with a one-size-fits-all, adjustable headset, providing 360 degrees of coverage to sense tags and opponents. These powerful sensors detect laser tags and respond to let you know that you’ve been tagged – or that you tagged your opponent.

After your game you can find your stats through the paired Scoring System included in your package. This scoring system runs your games, calculates players’ hits and kills, and provides ranking so you know who won! Get your competition on and reserve the Lux today!

Wireless Connectivity

This tagger wirelessly connects to the scoring system to record hits, kills, and ranking of the game.

Deluxe Design

Designed with a life-like feel, this tagger delivers the adventure with the look and feel of your favorite action movie.

Multiple games

With multiple present and customizable games to choose from, there is a game for everyone!

Advanced Laser Tag

A premium tagger for all ages!


Range: 250ft


Range: 150ft


Solo / Up to 4 Teams