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Nashville - Laser Tag Source - We Rent and Ship Laser Tag to You!


Music City! We rent and ship laser tag directly to you!

Nashville are you ready for your laser tag adventure?

Nashville’s most rented Tagger

the iCombat Barracuda

Taggers we've rented to Nashville

Nashville’s Top Laser Tag Locations

la jolla laser tag san diego

Centennial Park

ocean beach san diego

Cumberland Park

Your Backyard

Don’t forget the country music!

(played at an acceptable level)

Nashville, Tennessee

Quick Facts

  • Population: 692,587 
  • Chances to Catch Live Music on Broadway: 32 Bars
  • Nickname: Music City, Athens of the South, Cashville 
  • Pro Sports Teams: 2 Predators (Hockey), Titans (Football)

Other Nashville Facts

FM Radio
Nashville was the first city in the United States to be granted and FM radio license.

The Grand Ol’ Opry
Founded in 1927, Nashville is home to the Grand Ol’ Opry, the longest running live music radio show.

Unlikely Culinary Inspiration
Thornton Prince’s girlfriend believed he was cheating, so for revenge, she added extra seasoning to chicken batter. Prince liked it so much that he opened Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in 1945.

Live Music Mecca
Nashville has over 180 live music venues. If a venue plays music for four or more nights a week, they are issued a guitar pick shaped sign with the words ‘Live Music Venue’ on it.

Parthenon Phenomenon
Nashville is home to the only recereation of the Greek Pathernon. It houses a sculpture of Athena Parthenos inside the Parthenon is the tallest indoor sculpture in the Western World – standing 42 feet high.

Nashville By the Numbers

song recorded by Elvis Presley in Nashville

Most were recorded at the now-famous RCA Studio B at Music Row in Nashville

workers in the music industry

This concentration of music industry employees is the largest of any country.

live music venues

There’s a venue almost every block in downtown Nashville.

ready for your laser tag adventure?

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