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New Jersey - Laser Tag Source

New Jersey

Laser Tag Source State of the Week

New Jersey Quick Facts

  • State Animal: The Horse
  • State Bug: Honeybee
  • State Flower: Violet
  • State Bird: Eastern Goldfinch
  • State Nickname: The Garden State
  • State Motto: “Liberty and Prosperity”

Other New Jersey Facts

Largest Seaport
Elizabeth, New Jersey has the largest seaport in the United States.

New Jersey has more diners than any other place in the world.

Highways & Railroads
New Jersey has the most dense system of highways and railroads in the USA.

First Baseball Game
The first baseball game was played in New Jersey.

Miss America
New Jersey is home of the Miss America pageant.

New Jersey By the Numbers


Number of counties in New Jersey


The height of the tallest water tower in the world, located in New Jersey.

Toxic Waste Dumps


Urban Population

the highest percentage in the USA.


Number of people per square mile – the highest number for any state in the USA.

Cities Laser Tag Source has Shipped to

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