New York City

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New York City Quick Facts

  • Population: 8.55 Million
  • Professional Sports Teams: 10
  • Nickname: The Big Apple

Other New York City Facts

Empire State Building
The Empire State Building took just over one year to build.

Largest Art Museum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the western hemisphere.

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty’s “full name” is Liberty Enlightening the World.

6th Avenue
6th Avenue is also known as Avenue of the Americas.

The Big Apple
“The Big Apple” was first coined by Edward S. Martin, author of “The Wayfarer of New York”

New York City By the Numbers

Police Officers

Number of uniformed police officers in New York City.


Number of uniformed firefighters in New York City.

State Fairs

Number of World’s Fairs in NYC since 1900.

Feet Tall

Height (in feet) of One World Trade Center.

Sq Miles

Size (in square miles) of Central Park.

Million Dollars ($)

Cost (in dollars) of the Empire State Building.