Laser Tag Source State of the Week

Ohio Quick Facts

  • State Capital: Columbus
  • State Beverage: Tomato Juice
  • State Gemstone: Ohio Flint
  • State Flower: Red Carnation
  • State Insect: Ladybug
  • State Song: Hang on Sloopy

Other Ohio Facts

Police Cars
Akron was the first city to use police cars

Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team

State Flag Design
Ohio’s state flag is a pennant design. It is the only state flag of that design in the United States.

Capital City
Chillicothe was Ohio’s first capital city

First Car
John Lambert of Ohio City made America’s first automobile in 1891.

Ohio By the Numbers

August 5

Cleveland boasts America’s first traffic light

Year Of

America had its first hot dog from Ohio

Feet Long

192ft long by 126ft wide: Dresden is the home of the world’s largest basket located at Basket Village USA

Years Ago

The Glacial Grooves; the largest easily accessible such grooves in the world; were scoured into solid limestone bedrock

Year Of

Cleveland became the world’s first city to be lighted electrically

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