Superhero Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do this package come with?
You will receive eight (8) Hero Blast units.

How do I charge the taggers?
The custom box for the Hero Blast comes with a cord to plug in. Just leave the taggers in the box, plug in the box, and they will be charging!

Does the Hero Blast need a scoring system?
The Hero Blast does not require a scoring system, but it is fully compatible with the CCM.

Are there instructions?
Inside the box you will find instructions for how to operate the Hero Blast taggers.

How/When do I return my equipment?
Inside the box you will find your return shipping labels. Simply stick the labels to the box and drop them off at a UPS drop-off location. The Hero Blasts will need to be returned the next business day after your event. Our business days are Monday through Friday.