Titan Package

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this package include?
This package comes with 10/20 of the Titan laser taggers.

Do I need a vest or scoring system?
This system does not requires vests or a computer scoring system.

How do I know who won?
During game play the players will shoot at the sensor on the tagger. Taggers have 9 lives, once the tagger is shot that number of times it will inform the player that they are out. The winner is determined by the last = player or team left standing.

How do I power the taggers?
The taggers will be shipped with batteries in them, we will also include a small bag of extras. They use AA batteries so you may provide any addition you feel that you need.

How do I return the taggers?
Inside the box you will find instructions and your return shipping labels.

Are there instructions?
Tutorial videos on how to set up the taggers can be viewed on this site under TechSupport