Party Lights: ($39.99 per pack)

Pack Includes 5 Party Lights

Know the best way to transform a darkened area into a mind-blowingly awesome laser tag arena? We do! Party Lights!

Ever faced down Yoda in a duel? Or bit into a refreshing Altoid? Maybe challenged Mighty Mouse to a powerlifting contest? If you have then you are well aware that sometimes small packages pack a lot of power. These Party Lights may be small in stature but they are BIG on performance.

A set of 5 (which is exactly how we rent them) will turn most large rooms into an arena worthy of any galactic battle! Party Lights plug into a standard Outlet and with the included tri-pod legs you have lots of flexibility on how you aim them to fill your space: Set them on their end to light the ceiling of the room, lean them at an angle to light the walls and ceilings, or aim them straight out at your players. Each light is roughly the same size as a 12oz soda can, so you not only get great results, but you do it without eating up lots of space or wrestling through some difficult lighting set-up.

And semi-darkened space instantly becomes the spectacle you’re looking for at your party or event!