Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix, Arizona Quick Facts

  • Population: 1.4 Million
  • Pro Sports Teams: 5
  • Nickname: Valley of the Sun
  • Celebrity: Dierks Bentley

Other Phoenix Facts

16+ Million people visit Phoenix each year.

The Sonoran Desert receives 3-15 inches of rain every year.

Golf Courses
The greater Phoenix area has over 200 golf courses.

Spring Training
15 Major League Baseball teams hold their spring training in Phoenix.

NBA Finals
The 2007 Phoenix Suns were robbed of a possible NBA championship due to poor officiating in their series against San Antonio (Ok, possibly an opinion).

Phoenix By the Numbers


Height (in feet) of the tallest building in Phoenix.


Elevation (in feet) of Phoenix.

Square Miles

Area (in square miles) of Phoenix


Average rainfall (in inches) per year in Phoenix