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Vermont Quick Facts

  • State Animal: Morgan Horse
  • State Butterfly: Monarch Butterfly
  • State Beverage: Milk
  • State Capital: Montpelier
  • State Flavor: Maple
  • State Fruit: Apple

Other Vermont Facts

First State
Vermont was the first state admitted to the Union after the ratification of the Constitution.

Maple Syrup
Montpelier is the largest producer of maple syrup in the country.

IBM is Vermont’s largest employer.

Snow Golf
Vermont is the birthplace of snow golf.

President Coolidge was born in Vermont, on the 4th of July.

No McDonald’s
Montpelier is the only state capital without a McDonald’s.

Vermont By the Numbers

Population of Montpelier

the smallest state capital in the United States

Year Of

The year Vermont got its first Wal-Mart – the last state in the USA to do so


Vermont is one of the smallest states, ranked 45 in total area.


number of gallons of maple syrup produced in Vermont on a yearly basis

national parks

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