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3 Reasons you will love LEGO Brick Party! - Laser Tag Source

It’s no secret that we LOVE LEGO® Brick Party here at Laser Tag Source

We rent and ship Genuine LEGO® bricks to your door!  

LEGO® Brick Parties are great for birthdays, church events, elementary school festivals, family days, corporate events and any other activity where a giant pile of LEGO® would come in handy. Simply place your reservation and we’ll ship the sanitized LEGO® Bricks to your door. You can play, create, and build with our 25 pounds of bulk bricks. We’ll provide a prepaid return label in the box.  Once you’re done creating & all cleaned up, put everything back in the box and ship it back to us!

Our pals over at That Brick Life wrote an excellent blog with some undeniable claims as to why we all love LEGO® so much!

  • “Kids can be creative – When it comes to LEGO, there’s no holding back creativity.
  • Anyone can play with LEGO – LEGO is like the #1 non-discriminatory toy on age. 
  • They’re educational – That’s right, millions of people use LEGO to learn every day.” 

Read more from this article here, 20 Reasons LEGO is the Perfect Gift for Kids – That Brick Life