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Packages Galore! - Laser Tag Source

Party without the Prep-Work!

All of the stressing over little details and trying to make things work for the bigger picture can take a lot of time and energy that we don’t always have. If you find yourself in this position, but still want to plan a totally awesome party with laser taggers, then please make your way to our packages page and feel the weight immediately lifted from your shoulders.

With a total of 16 different packages, we’re confident that you will find exactly what you need for your event. Let’s take a little look at some of my favorites, shall we?

Our Phoenix LTX Party Package is one of our favorites and most popular packages; with how much it offers for your convenience, we totally see why! This Package comes with 16 LTX taggers and 10 Bunkers! This package is only $475 for everything you’ll need for an awesome event, and you’re saving yourself some whopping buckaroos! If this excites you as much as me, I totally condone a quick mini dance session to celebrate!

Our Battle Rifle Packages have two separate deals to offer; the Crazy Eight and the Dirty Dozen. Depending on your party size, we offer the 8 Player Package for $260 & the 12 Player Package for $399. Now don’t you even try and tell me that’s not a pretty stellar deal.

Our third and final favorite, although I will admit that it was a little tough narrowing them all down… the Corporate Package includes 20 iCombat Taggers and 15 Bunkers for $1,110! If you are unfamiliar with the iCombat Tagger, let me familiarize you. This tagger has tactical-grade optics and RF signal communication proving it to be our meanest and leanest tagger of all. It has been redesigned from a paintball tagger which gives it such a light feel, since there is no CO2 tank. This tagger’s regular rental rate is $39.99; so we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear the price of this package. This package is most popular with businesses and corporate fundraisers.

With that being said, I urge you to take a look at all of the packages that we offer and let us handle the prep for you!