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ATTENTION: New Laser Tag Gun has been created! - Laser Tag Source

A Brand New Gun available to rent!

Has your stomach been upset due to an increase in gluten intake lately? Have you found yourself weeping silently to the soundtrack of The Wiggles “Fruit Salad” song because you know that’s all you’ll ever be able to have? Well, throw away that album, my friends, and step away from the gluten because boy do we have a fun surprise for you!


Here at Laser Tag Source we know how to git ‘er done, and that’s why we’ve created the very first Gluten-Free Gun. *Applaud here*. Yes, you read that correctly! We are so proud to offer our renters a happy-tummy alternative to their favorite game. No more painful rips to your digestive system as you hide behind a ditch. No more lagging and falling asleep when you could conquer and make your opponents weep. And certainly no more excuses for why you need to leave when instead you could just stay put and bring your team into the lead.


We offer this new gluten-free masterpiece at the generous price of $732 per gun! Totally reasonable for a gluten free item and honestly, it’s not THAT much more than our non-gluten-free guns!


Now before you call your mom, sister, dog and grandmother to the table on this (since we all know it is genetic) we must inform you that upon shooting, the gun may crumble at your fingertips or be a little heavier than usual (about a 1/5 chance, so not likely, of course). But have no fear, our dear renters, this is nothing too unusual and we assure you that we are doing everything we can to work on this issue…Kind of.


Happy April Fool’s Day from your gluten-friendly friends at Laser Tag Source!

-Shae, Laser Tag Source’s only gluten-intolerant employee