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Tetris and Laser Tag

Tony, our warehouse manager, has found the best way to pack those boxes of fun that show up on your doorstep. So….Why does this matter?

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Ministry and the Business of Events

Ministry events require both head and heart. We’ve looked at the heart of doing ministry events (in case you missed it, you find that information here!), which is when a church or nonprofit sees needs in the community and builds events to meet those needs.

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Ministry and Service Related Events

A ministry is often comprised of a lot of big and little events! Ministry events involve both sides of the same coin to be successful: the head and the heart. This week, we’re looking at the heart!

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Wildfire and Big Events

Every year thousands of men gather throughout the country for Wildfire Men’s Conferences. Laser Tag Source has long participated, providing an opportunity for fathers and sons, pastors and staff, the young and young at heart to run, get sweaty, and engage in friendly laser tag competition.

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Need a Date for Prom?

If you’re looking for an After-Prom Party activity to hold in your gym, classroom or hotel conference room, contact us for Laser Tag. We will ship the adventure to you! All of our systems work great in doors and out.

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Snowmageddon Survival

Aren’t we all a little tired of the snow? It’s pretty until you get in it, then it quickly turns cold. And wet. And if your kids are like ours, they came to this exact same realization. Here are 5 Family Friendly Activities when You’re Trapped Inside

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The Art of Epic

We spend our lives either trying to fit in or stand out. When it comes to throwing parties or hosting events, nobody wants to provide the “same old thing” for their guests!

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