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The Beloved Bunker - Laser Tag Source

You can ship a bunker?!

A lot of posts that have come out lately have described creating an immersive experience completed by a set of bunkers. If this is something that has been intriguing to you as a potential addition to your rentals, stay tuned.

If you are familiar with the bunkers that Laser Tag Source has had in the past also keep reading because we have revamped our model. The new bunkers have some great new features. First, rather than tying your bunkers together or just lining them up one another to create walls you can now simply click your bunkers together with clips located on the bottom. Now you can construct defensible positions in any arrangement. Also the bunkers come with their own inflation device that fills up the bunker in seconds. Just make sure you don’t lose the inflation cap. Without it the bunker is useless and we’ll have to stick you with a 5 dollar fine. To avoid ending on a heavy note, also be careful to not fill up the containers inside the bunker that are not the main air container.

Finally just know that when you throw in some bunkers into your order you are adding a whole other level to your experience, not to mention opening doors to a variety of different options for playing laser tag. What was once just an open parking lot now can be strongholds for a strategic points of control. Make your next laser tag game your own and add some bunkers to your order.