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Bring The Winter Wonderland Indoors - Laser Tag Source

Snowpocalypse. Snowmageddon. Jonaswontstopus.

Well here it finally is. Winter is here and everyone is forsaking the once warm and welcoming outdoors to batten down the hatches and enjoy the cozy corners of their own home. Parents are already picking out books and loose-leaf tea to enjoy on wintry evenings by the fire, but what about the kids? It’s easy to shoo them out into the elements while you enjoy the comforts of civilization, but if you live in the northern half of the United States you know winters have not been kind at all lately and this one promised more of the same. It would be cruel to throw your child out into the same temperature that when your throw boiled water into it turns to snow.

So what do you do? Some children might not mind quiet dark nights with a book in hand, but most probably would see it as being constrained to a sofa for long boring hours. No parent wants their kids constantly on the TV playing video games. Children need to exert some energy, they need to be moving around, but throwing balls around in the house is simply not an option. Here’s a solution, rent a package of laser tag guns. It’s the same thrill of video games in a real life setting, and the best part is no flying projectiles. You can turn your basement or spare room into an indoor retreat this winter by Renting, Shipping and Repeating!

We at Laser Tag Source have laser tag guns for all age levels. You can instill the rule of no running, but if you want to keep your furniture extra safe and still give the feeling of ducking behind cover you can rent our new bunkers. They are incredibly intuitive and handy, look for an informative post later this week covering the topic. The process is pain free, head over to our website, create your order and let your kids imagination fill your home this winter, and don’t be afraid to throw your own in the mix as well.