Laser tag, it’s not just for the kids anymore.

Laser tag is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone at any age.

Yes, children’s birthday parties are a great opportunity to run around with your plastic guns and have a blast, but have you ever considered laser tag for a corporate team building activity?

Yes, we already know what your thinking. And, yes, you can actually have fun with your coworkers (whether your idea of fun is running around with them or singlehandedly demolishing each one in an intense one-on-one game).

Besides the fact that you can have fun with your coworkers, you may actually be more productive. Yes, really!

Laser tag is a great team building activity! Skip the rope courses and play a game with some of our Tippmann or Hornet laser tag guns. You can run, strategize and really get to know each other, which can lead to more productivity in the office! Not to mention the workout!

So let yourself (and your coworkers) take a break to enjoy some laser tag, check out our different packages to find to perfect one for you!