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10 Ways to Win at Nerdist Laser Tag during SDCC - Laser Tag Source

Tips to Win

I’m sure you’ve heard a little bit about Nerdist (we made this really easy for you people) and even if you aren’t a nerd or from California, I’m pretty sure you know what one of the following four words means: San Diego Comic Con.

We are knee-deep in day #2 of our Nerdist Comic Con laser tag installation and things are non-stop. But we are stopping – to give you the inside Top 10 scoop on how to win it before you can buy it. Sorry – scratch that – on how to win at playing laser tag with Nerdist!

Top 10:

1. Rotate through your hiding spots – if you camp in real life just like in a video game, be prepared to be annihilated

2.  Find a Chewbaca cosplay and climb inside – the hair will prevent you from getting sliced by the quote unquote “real” lasers that are shooting out of your competitor’s gun

3. AIM

4. The teleport operator is a raging alcoholic – do not call for evac or you will get scrambled

5. Never stop pulling your trigger – your Tippmann Barracuda has unlimited ammo so make the best of it

6. Don’t cover the sensor – you’re better than that, and we have referees from the Nerdist kingdomland who will berate you mercilessly for cheating

7. Set phaser to kill instead of stun

8. Pay attention to your team color – don’t AIM at people wearing the same color you are wearing. Your Tippmann laser tag gun won’t accept friendly fire and you are just wasting 30-40 seconds of your sweet 5 minute game time by aiming at your team mate. Unless you don’t like them. Then fire away

9. If all else fails fix bayonets

10. Pay attention to the number on the bottom of your gun so that you can see your score as you exit

11. AIM

12. AIM

13. AIM

14. Use the sights on top of your laser tag gun and AIM

15. AIM

Did you play laser tag with us and Nerdist? If so leave a comment and let us know on the website or Facebook if you have any other tips or tricks!