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3 Ways to Give an Experience! - Laser Tag Source

My husband and I decided to give experiences as gifts this Christmas. We want to give opportunities to create life-long memories rather than a video game that will get shuffled into the stack of “been there done that”.

Confession: it’s been my most favorite shopping season yet! The creative challenge of picking out activities that give our kids a chance to explore and grow has been SO fun for me as a parent. It has sparked new conversations with them and they have absolutely no clue what we are doing. They can’t figure it out and it’s great!!

As a parent to 3 kids first, and the marketing lady for Laser Tag Source second, I’m asking all other parents to TRY IT!!

I’ve made a list of how Laser Tag Source can help you gift an experience and yes, I checked it twice (this is due to my obsessive-compulsive nature, sadly it has little to do with the holiday song).

1. December Birthday anyone? Ahhh. Here it is – the biggest challenge for parents whose kids have birthdays right on top of Christmas. We are in this boat with you – our middle girl’s birthday is on the 12th. They reach an age where they realize they are being cheated with the “2 for 1” deal, and that’s where the challenge comes in. Throw a laser tag party that is separate from the holiday season to create a unique experience.

2. Put a Bow on it! Take our laser tag equipment and put it under your tree as a gift for the whole family. Christmas afternoon, when all of the other gifts have been unwrapped and lunch is over, pull out the box and let the fun begin! Bring grandma and all of the aunts and uncles over for an opportunity to create a little family rivalry (team versus team) and then family bonding (every man for himself)!

3. Buy a gift card. Not sure what to do for those kids away in college, whose visits home are MIA just like last semester’s history book? A Laser Tag Source gift card can be cashed in for any level of equipment, anywhere in the country. Let them pick the date, the equipment, and their friends who get to play and you instantly have a gift that won’t get the “um…thanks” reaction.

We have different types of guns that are perfect for any price point and any age category, ready to create an unlimited number of experiences. If you give the gift of experience this holiday season, let me know! Post pictures on our Facebook page or Tweet your ideas to us!

Happy Christmas shopping to you!
Kristina, Mother and Laser Tag Source Staff