Rent Laser Tag for your next event!

Remember that party you went to a couple of weeks back? The one where everyone sat around awkwardly staring at each other and taking turns petting the ugly dog that was perusing around the living room? If you want to save yourself that humiliation for when you throw your own party, I highly recommend renting from Laser Tag Source for 5 main reasons.


1. It gets you off your bum. 

Instead of being squished on the couch between your friend’s rather large uncle and their stinky breath neighbor, you could be running around free as a bird with an awesome Tippmann or Ubisoft in your hands. Not only does this give you the opportunity to escape the awkward couch situation, but it allows you to release some energy and get some exercise as well.


2. It gives you a real experience.

So you like video games. Most people do. But the thing about Laser Tag Source is that you have the opportunity to actually take part in the action! Why would you want to sit around and shoot animated characters when you can play in real life with real friends? It’s thrilling, it’s fun and it’s 100% the real deal.


3. It provides interaction.

Are you really getting to know the person next to you at the party by making small chit chat? Probably not. The cool thing about our guns is that it gives you an option to play on teams. This not only gives you the opportunity to work with and communicate with the other people at the party, but it acts as a team builder as well. It gets you all up and involved. Teamwork is an important part of life and what better way to work on this skill then to run around shooting one other with our laser tag guns?


4. It may just increase your popularity.

Let yourself be the talk of the office or the talk of the school playground with Laser Tag Source at your party. You will not only be known as the coolest guy/girl in town, but you are giving yourself the opportunity to gain a new nickname. No more “Frankie 4 eyes” or “Bobby booger” because after you throw the ultimate Laser Tag Source party with one of our awesome guns, you might just end up with a killer new nickname like “Lonnie Laser Tag” or “Phoenix Franny”.


5. It saves you money.

Don’t feel the stress and anxiety that comes with checking your bank account balance. Using Laser Tag Source saves you the pain and agony of buying countless numbers of balloons, weird plastic knickknacks and confetti to cover the floors when no one cares and everyone ends up wanting to pop them all anyways. Laser Tag Source provides hours and hours of fun, eliminating any other costs you may have needed to spend otherwise on lame games that were recommended to you by your great grandmother.


I highly urge you to consider Laser Tag Source for your party for all of the above reasons. Not to mention, you will have the time of your life and will forever remember the day you threw the coolest party ever (even if you don’t write it in your diary).


-Shae, Laser Tag Source Marketing Intern