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5 Ways to ease the Back to School Blues - Laser Tag Source
Ugh….those Back to School Blues!
It’s that time of year again… the temperatures are beginning to creep down, vacation season is over, the book bag has been dusted off and the big yellow wagons are rolling again – delivering our beloved children to their schools. This time of year, everyone gets back on their regular schedule. There’s homework to be done, after school practices, and new locker combinations to be learned. That summer vacation golden glow soon fades to the back to school blues.
Here are Five short ways to ease the Back to School Blues: 
1) Pizza night:
Or taco night, or meat-loaf night, or broccoli and liver night; our children all have that meal that they love that we don’t enjoy. For no reason at all treat them to their favorite dinner! 
2) Q.T.:
Carve a few minutes out of your busy schedule to really chat with your kids. There’s no substitute for quality time! Take the long way home on your next drive and ask them about life. Take some time to really listen. Move the laundry off the dining room table and sit down for a meal that the TV is not invited to. If you haven’t chatted in a while then the first few times, or the first fifty, may be a little awkward. Hang in there – they’ll appreciate it.
3) Sabbatical:
Hey, i’m 100% in favor of chores! Every blade of grass they cut, every floor they sweep, every mug they wash… well, that’s one less for me to do! But remember school is their job. Give them a break every so often. Set aside a day and make it an official “rest day”. 
4) Cookies:
The worst of days is made brighter when there is a cookie involved. The school day is over, they’ve dodged a bully or two, heroically conquered a pop-quiz, and made the journey home in a big yellow tube with 30 of their class-mates. They trudge across the front lawn, up the stairs, and wearily stumble through the door. There, on the table, is a post-it note with their name on it and a plate or pack of their favorite cookies! Suddenly the clouds part… angels sing… and the day is a little better!
It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday to play laser tag. You don’t have to load kids up in a car and drive across town. Wherever you live in the U.S. of A. laser tag can happen on your turf and your terms! The team at Laser Tag Source will test, box, and ship your laser tag rental gear directly to your doorstep! It doesn’t have to be a big production to be fun. With one of our 10 or 20 player packages shipped to your doorstep for the weekend you’ve got an instant back-to-school party (just add kids). If 10 taggers is too many we can rent 6, or 4, or even 1! Invite some of their friends, keep the Kool-Aide flowing freely, and let them have a special weekend while they blow off some steam with our rental gear.
Here’s hoping that these tips help your kids have the best school year so far! 
Laser Tag Source