Field Day: the single greatest day of the year. Teachers and students alike finally see the end of that 182-day long school year (is it still 182 days? I never know). At long last, the endless days of summer are approaching. But what activity could possibly capture all of the excitement, the anticipation, the pure adrenaline that field day represents? Easy. Laser tag! So what are the essentials for that end-of-the-year celebration?

The Phoenix LTX:

Perfect for all ages, the Phoenix LTX has one characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of our budget-line taggers: it performs just as well during peak sunlight as it does in the darkest room. So whether you’re taking advantage of that fancy new gymnasium or using the school parking lot as your personal laser battleground, the LTX won’t let you down. And, since it’s rated for players 6 and older, the Phoenix LTX is the perfect laser tagger for a day that involves kids of all ages!


What takes a laser tag battle to the next level? Bunkers! Our blow-up bunkers come with an electric blower-upper, plus stakes to keep them firmly in the ground. Bunkers are big enough to be cover for one full-grown person, so you can easily fit two or three youngins behind these.

Rule number 1 when it comes to dealing with large groups of children? Keep it simple! Teachers vs. Students. Boys vs. Girls. 3rd Grade vs. 4th Grade… however you want to battle it out, this is the equipment you need! So make this year’s Field Day the best Field Day yet! Get out there and get laser tagging!