So you and a group of friends have decided to pull the trigger and order a package from Laser Tag Source, but you’re in charge of choosing which package you all get. You scroll through our selection but can’t decide which would be best for you.

Let us help!

The first laser tag gun you come across is the Icombat Barracuda. Known as the ‘king of the jungle’ this is definitely the baddest of the bad and will enrich your laser tag experience. If you’re looking for the most authentic laser tag feel with a bit of a James Bond signature, this is the package for you!

Next up is the hornet, one of the simpler laser tag guns that we hold. It is easy to use and has more of a nerf gun feel to it. So if you’re looking to just hang around someone’s apartment or home and play on the commercials of this week’s Bachelor episode, this is the one for you.

But if you’re not really into the Bachelor and you want to play with a group of friends out in the backyard then you may want to look into the Phoenix LTX or the Ultimate LTX. A step up from the hornet, these two models are still just as easy to use but have more of a hardcore factor to them. Definitely the best idea to help get your boys out of the house and out playing in the yard.

Last, but certainly not least is our Titan. If you’re not the James Bond type, and maybe not the Rick Grimes type either, but still want to have fun then this is the one for you. Simple and easy to use, if you’re into instant rice and instant mac and cheese, then this is the package you should instantly look to.

So, now that you have a breakdown of each of our packages, which one are you drawn to?