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Battle Rifle Weapons Guide - Laser Tag Source

So you’ve rented your brand new Battle Rifles and picked your game mode. Now it’s time to make the most crucial decision of the game… before it even starts! What will be your weapon of choice? Will you hide in the back of the arena, picking off your enemies one by one with the SR100 Sniper Rifle? Perhaps you’ll go in guns blazing with the MG7 Machine Gun. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll maneuver your way through the bunkers to get in for a close-range shotgun blast. With the Battle Rifle, you’re never constricted to just one play style; so let’s run through some of your options.

M4 Assault Rifle:

Quick Facts:
• Fully Automatic
• 30 Rounds Per Clip
• 8 Tags = 1 Life
• Ideal one-liner: “It’s not your day, kid.”

Want to have the flexibility to mix up your play style mid-game? The M4 is your “everything” option. It is effective both at close range and long distance, and its fully automatic rounds mean you’ll be able to shoot those lasers at a rapid pace.

SR100 Sniper Rifle

Quick Facts:
• Bolt Action Single Shot
• 3-Round Magazine
• 2 Tags = 1 Life
• Ideal one-liner: “Aim small, miss small.”

Throw on that ghillie suit, go prone, and aim down the sights. Is Team Bravo getting a bit overaggressive? Good. Let them roam the arena with reckless abandon – it just makes your shots that much easier. Effective at a distance, the SR100 keeps your enemies honest – it only takes two hits to tag someone out of the game, so your adversaries will want to tread carefully.

SMG X-3 Submachine Gun

Quick Facts:
• 3-Round Burst
• 26 Rounds Per Clip
• 6 Tags = 1 Life
• Ideal one-liner: “Hey, I’ll make you famous.”

The SMG X-3 plays like a mix of the M4 and SR100. It has a rapid rate of fire in three round bursts. If your aim is sharp, you can tag out your opponents with just two pulls of the trigger. The SMG X-3 is the perfect choice for someone who wants to mix up their range and still keep high accuracy.

TAC-87 Shotgun

Quick Facts:
• Single Shot
• 8 Round Chamber
• 3 Tags = 1 Life
• Ideal one-liner: “Come ‘n’ get ya some!”

Tired of just barely missing that long-range sniper shot? Maybe your enemy’s headband has emitted that “bullet whizzing past” sound one too many times (yes, that’s a real feature on near-misses). Perhaps it’s time to switch up your style and get a bit more reckless, nay, aggressive. So post up behind a bunker and spray those lasers. From a close distance, the TAC-87’s wide laser spread is extremely effective, even when your aim might be a little off.

MG7 Machine Gun

Quick Facts:
• Fully Automatic
• 75 Round Drum
• 6 Tags = 1 Life
• Ideal one-liner: “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal”

Have you been hitting the gym? Think you’re ready to handle this beast? Well, fortunately, choosing the MG7 doesn’t actually change the weight of the Battle Rifle, so you should be good either way. This monster’s 75-round drum is perfect for laying down cover lasers for your squad. Its rapid rate of fire ensures that six tags happen before your enemy even knows what hit them.

So which weapon best fits your play style? More importantly, which weapon fits best for your team? Congregate with your squad, figure out the best choice for each of your teammates, and carry out your battle plan. TO VICTORY!