The world is in chaos. Gone are the days of the simple two-sided wars. The VanGuard Corporation is scrambling to contain their rogue robotics department, Nexus. Meanwhile, the newly-sentient Nexus is trying to discover exactly where it ranks on the food chain. And then there’s The Resistance, whose warnings of this future have fallen on deaf ears. Can VanGuard manage to prevent a global machine takeover? Can The Resistance overthrow the corrupt corporation responsible for this disaster? Or will Nexus succeed in its quest for world domination and jumpstart a new machine-ruled era for Earth? Gone are the days of a simple two-sided war. This is the world of Supremacy.

Rules Of the Game

Supremacy is ideally suited for three separate teams, but also makes for a fun two-team battle if you’re looking to mix up the weapons, perks, and rules. So, first things first: Set your number of lives, game time, and respawn time. You will then be prompted to choose a class. Will you be a robot laser-bent on world domination? Will you choose to be a tech-savvy specialist from the VanGuard Corporation? Or will you join The Resistance and show the world that there is still power in militia?


Join The Resistance to save the human species from Nexus and the corrupt VanGuard Corporation. Our cause is simple; the human species is on the brink of extinction – eliminate those responsible and take back our planet! What we lack in futuristic technology, we make up for in tactical prowess. Join the ranks of our militia by selecting a class, complete with military-grade equipment: Heavy, Soldier, or Medic.

Heavy: As a Heavy, you will be armed with a fully automatic machine gun to tag down your opponents. Your thick body armor will absorb most of the enemy’s lasers, so don’t be afraid to lay down cover fire for your allies. Are you and your squad trapped with an enemy closing in? When the perk is activated, your allies will be granted a higher rate of fire, quicker reloads, and better accuracy to help get you out of the ambush.

Soldier: You are adaptable. Ready for anything. You have no need for fancy perks or grenades. All you need is your trusty M4 Assault Rifle for mid-range battles, and your TAC-87 Shotgun for getting up close and personal. Use the perk button to switch between your weapons to get the one that’s right for your situation. Taking heavy fire from an oncoming group of enemies? Lay low to lure them in close, then blast your lasers through them with a shotgun. Once they retreat, swap to the M4 to finish them off from a distance.

Medic: Don’t let the name fool you – you can still hold your own in battle. You are armed with a fully-automatic submachine gun, so feel free to eliminate those enemies who are underestimating you. Be sure to keep an eye on your allies’ health, though. If they are on their last legs, you can heal them with your perk button. Activating your perk launches Medi-Gels, the latest in emergency first aid, toward your injured teammate. While the Medi-Gels function from a long distance, the most effective healing will occur when you get in close to them.

We know our strength: keep our friends close, and our enemies closer. While we may not have the resources to win a battle from long distance, we will eviscerate our enemies from close-to-midrange. Stick to the strategy and we may just save the human species.


As a member of the VanGuard Corporation, you will be given access to the very latest in technology. It’s time to cut our investment losses and eliminate every last Nexus out there. Start the extermination by choosing your class: Wraith, Technician, or Viper.

Wraith: Armed with a high-tech burst gun and unusually high health, the Wraith is the perfect choice for a well-balanced, tough-to-tag-out VanGuard class. Need to slow your enemies down? Press the perk button to launch a frost grenade, slowing their rate of fire to an icy crawl.

Technician: Nothing screams technology like a weapon that continues to deplete your enemy’s health even after they’ve been tagged. The Technician is armed with a state-of-the-art Incendiary Rifle. It has a slower rate of fire, but that is offset by the damage this weapon induces. After tagging your enemy, they will continue to “burn”, taking damage until one of their medics heals them. The technician also comes loaded with a healing perk. Just press the perk button to launch a nano-blast, healing all of your allies.

Viper: The Viper slithers around with a Poison Burst Rifle. Tagging your adversaries with a poison shot ensures that they keep taking damage even after getting to cover. The Viper is the perfect pair for a Wraith; the Viper poisons the enemy, whose depleted health is the perfect sign for a Wraith to come in and finish the job. The Viper’s perk button launches a poison grenade, damaging large groups of enemies at once.

We have always known a Nexus revolution is possible. We are prepared to cut our investment to save our image. Whatever you do, don’t get your hands dirty. Stay at a safe distance, but if you must, send a Wraith in to make sure the job is finished.


Welcome to earth, newly-alive war machine! You’ll find that your new home is ripe for the taking, and it’s time to do just that. It’s a new age! Start the revolution by choosing your class between three options: Sentinal, Marauder, and Guardian.

Sentinal: The most balanced of all the Nexus classes. The Energy Rifle is a powerful, charge-powered bringer of doom. To use this agent of chaos, just take aim and hold that trigger. It takes about three seconds to charge, but once it’s charged up, you get a full 12 seconds of automatic laser blasting. Keep in mind that, if you release the trigger after four seconds of spraying lasers, you will need to recharge to use the remaining eight seconds of your clip before reloading. Want to really tip the odds in your favor? Press the perk button (located at the front of the Battle Rifle) to launch an Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade toward your adversaries! The EMP Grenade will temporarily disable your enemy’s weapons and give your fellow robots a huge tactical advantage. Between the high powered rifle, always-active energy shield, and a game-changing perk, a Sentinal is a staple of a successful Nexus campaign.

Marauder: The Marauder is armed with a high-powered automatic energy rifle. Unlike the Sentinal, the Marauder’s rifle doesn’t need any charging time before raining lasers on your enemies. If you’re looking for one of the coolest and most powerful perks in the game, you’re in the right class. The Marauder’s perk button exchanges one third of your health for an insanely rapid rate of fire, giving you a glorious four seconds of laser destruction. If the sound of your perk activation doesn’t send your enemies diving behind their bunkers, then they are irrationally brave and will pay for their arrogance.

Guardian: Armed with a single shot Pulse Rifle, the Guardian is Nexus’ specialist class. Instead of controlling the battle with high-powered automatic weapons, the Guardian is there to look after allies and control the fight from a distance. An accurate long-range blast from the Pulse Rifle will keep your enemies in check. And the Guardian’s perk, a high-powered shield charger, can heal allies from a distance OR up close. If you have Marauders, it’s important to have healing Guardians there ready to assist when the Marauder activates the rapid-fire perk.

How long did it take humans to create sophisticated weaponry? It has only taken us mere weeks of sentience, and our arsenal already matches the armory of our rivals. Let us go out and take this planet for ourselves. Let us laser-blast the humans off of it. We are the new rulers of Earth. We are Nexus.


The fate of Earth is in your hands. Will you save humanity? Will you save your corporation’s image? Or will you conquer the world and launch the Age of the Machine? The decision is yours.