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Become the Superhero - Laser Tag Source

New year, new product! Have you ever watched Iron Man and dreamed of turning into a real-life Tony Stark? The Hero Blast is for you! Have you ever read a comic book and thought, “I wish I could do that!” The Hero Blast is for you! Have you ever just wanted to have a really awesome party? The Hero Blast is for you!

So what is this Hero Blast I keep raving about? It’s the latest evolution of the laser tag! Who needs a laser tag gun when you can have a fist full of lasers? Even better, each Hero Blast comes with three unique superhero classes, making it easy to switch up your superpower! So suit up and get ready to save the world!


The Titan’s Mega Blast superpower takes a bit of time to charge, but once it’s ready, it is a tour de laser force. When you’re ready to use it, just hold down the superpower button for five seconds. Once it’s ready, just release the button to unleash a devastating blow to any nearby enemies. That’s right: ANY nearby enemies. So, for best results, wait until your adversaries are in a tight group. That way you can take them all out at once!

Pro-tip: Five seconds is an eternity when other superpowered players are around. Make sure you charge your Mega Blast somewhere safe, like behind a wall or bunker.


Commandos have the ability to deal damage to their enemies in the blink of an eye. The Rapid-Fire superpower is quick to use – no charging time required for this one. Just hold down the superpower button and unleash a flurry of lasers. It requires five hits to eliminate enemies, but those five hits happen so quickly, even The Flash wouldn’t be able to escape.

Pro-tip: Surrounded? Unleash your superpower and spin in a circle to force everyone around you to either retreat or be eliminated.


Not all heroes have to blast their way through their enemies. The Medic has the ability to heal allies, which especially comes in handy when there is a skilled Commando on the other team. Using the Med-Pack superpower restores 20% of your teammates’ health for every hit.

Pro-Tip: Is your team hanging on by a thread? Gather everyone close to you to heal the entire unit quickly and efficiently, then get back out in the battle!

Your journey to becoming a superhero begins here. What power will you choose?