The normal games. You know them. Board games, sports and video games. These games usually make up the majority of what people do for leisure time. Most young boys spend their free time on Xbox or PlayStation creating pseudo experiences with pseudo relationships. They have a screen tell them not to imagine but just let the story be told with no effort on their part. They will spend hours and hours inside not seeing the sun or getting exercise. Board games may solve one of the problems presented by video games, being much more social, but they don’t get people outside or give them really any kind of exercise, outside of spinning a wheel or laboriously pulling that resilient Jenga block out from its spot. Sports are usually considered the cream of the crop for activities being outside and having exercise and teamwork, but most every sport has a learning curve and can create a little bit of an unfair playing field, so to speak, for some players. The only outside activities that most people can get pretty easily without much teaching are running and swimming, but those aren’t the most fun usually. Laser tag is usually a game mean for outdoors, but it’s cold some places right now so we understand if you need to play inside, check out our post about how you can make that happen. Regardless of location, with laser tag it’s easy to pick up, our guns are made with intuitive controls in mind, and even if you need some further pointers, we provide them for you.
In laser tag you need to get to know your teammates and competitors on a more personal level than most any other past time. Not to mention that we are releasing our newest gun tomorrow! The most intuitive yet known at The Titan. If you need any convincing on it’s ease of use let our intructional video help you out. The gun has an easy system for moving between teams and comes with three modes even including a rocket launcher!
Get ready to break out of normal games with the next phase in laser tag gun technology at Laser Tag Source.