Know what goes together like Bread and Butter, Lewis and Clark, Movies and Popcorn? Laser Tag and Capture the Flag, that’s what!

You can’t go wrong with the iCombat Barracuda or the Battle Rifle for a great game of capture the flag. With either of these taggers set the time limit to Unlimited, the lives to 1, and the respawn time to 30 or 60 seconds (long enough so the tagged players return to a base before their tagger respawns back in). Play until one team gets the other team’s “flag” back to their own home base.

Want to have laser tag Capture the Flag but your budget is tight? Go with any of our less expensive taggers (Phoenix LTX, Hornet, or Titan). Using an extra tagger (we recommend getting 2 extra taggers, one for each base area) tag each tagger until it has 1 hit left before it’s out and turn the teams loose! When a player gets tagged out they return to their base area where a worker then resets their tagger (again tagging it until it has 1 hit left) and they return to the field to play.

Some Pro-Tips for your Laser Tag Capture the Flag game:

Anything can be used for your flags: bandanas, pillowcases, paper or plastic plates, etc. But we recommend getting something that lights up! Glow sticks work very well for this. It adds to the fun! 

Laser Tag Capture the Flag works best with a little more room than traditional Capture the Flag since you can “tag” someone from far away. Big backyards work well, many churches or parks will have an area that works well too. It’s best if you have some things for people to hide behind, a mostly open area with several large trees is ideal. 

Establish clear boundaries. Make sure everyone knows where the field of play ends and that exiting the field will be an automatic out. (for extra fun you can get extra taggers and have volunteers patrol the perimeter to “enforce” this!)

When a player is tagged out they must drop the flag where they are and return to their base area.

Take a breather between games! The teams will be running around during the games. Give everyone a minute to catch their breath between games to keep the action going and the fun rolling! 

Hope this helps make your Laser Tag Capture the Flag event an amazing time for everyone involved!