Rent Laser Tag for your Next Party!

Every year your child is looking forward to that special day. That great day where friends and family can celebrate another year of the child’s life. We all know that a simple dinner will NOT suffice.

The reality is, this is a time to show your son or daughter how special they are to you. You want to create a special event that all the other kids would have fun, parents to become jealous, and your little one to think you are the greatest parent in the world.

We have an amazing BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEA for you.

In order to accomplish the best party any 5 to 13 year old would love; you need a hook or theme. The theme of the party sets the tone for the whole evening. I know when I was younger; every party that had a Power Rangers theme was automatically Cool. Obviously choosing themes your child likes is a great starting point.  We would suggest a Laser Tag Birthday Party.  It’s easy, cost-effective, and not messy.  Take your child’s virtual reality obsession with video games, and create an actual reality event where he/she can be inside their favorite game.

Laser Tag can be the main attraction that pulls the attention of the guests and of course your child. Let’s continue with the Power Rangers theme. The hit TV show with a billion seasons is known for the forces of good standing up against evil. In all honesty, kids really love the action. In this case a great game to play with the kids would be laser tag! The Power Rangers utilize blasters of some sort. Laser tag guns may be a realistic adaptation for a party.

Instead of bring the group to a laser tag arena; you could actually rent the guns themselves for an event. is a laser tag rental business that specializes in providing equipment for laser tag events. They have various guns that range from simple point and shoot to advanced equipment with computers that keep score. For a reasonable price, you may outfit your party with something your children will not forget. The Phoenix LTX is a self-contained unit that does not require a vest to use. At the low rate of $10 a gun and up to 250 players may participate at once! These guns are perfect for young children because of their durability and ease game play.

The UBISOFT Battle Tag package has 16 players and comes with a laptop all for $320.  The laptop keeps score and refs the game for you.  These are very popular and always have great reviews.  If they sound complicated, provides phone tech support to ensure your party is a success.

If you want to create a lasting impression, you can go with our Ultimate Party Package.  It includes the 16 Player UBISOFT Battle Tag package, plus 10 large inflatable bunkers with FREE shipping to anywhere in the US for only $599.  Adding the bunkers not only make your game more exciting, but it creates a spectacle.  You will be the talk of your town and create a memory that will last forever for you and your child. is the largest Laser Tag Rental in the United States – with rentals in 47 out of the 50 states.  We stand behind our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.