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Corporate Events meet Laser Tag Source - Laser Tag Source

Laser Tag is perfect for your next team builder

For those of you who wear a fancy suit and tie to work everyday, I commend you. Not only does it make you look sharp, but I’ve always thought they make you come across very serious and determined as well. However, what if I told you that you could show off your fun and crazy side to your boss and colleagues without the penalty of goofing off in the office?


For those of you who are skeptics, yes, this is possible! And you don’t need to worry about looking like a loon because we can assure that by hosting a Laser Tag Source fundraiser or any corporate event, your entire team will be getting down to some serious laser tagging fun.  By renting from us, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to actually hit your boss with a laser and not get in trouble for it. Or if your boss is also your wife and you feel certain that shooting her wouldn’t end up so well, you can just simply enjoy the freedom of running around in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with gun of your choice in hand, instead of being stuck in the office all day. If that isn’t reason enough to host a Laser Tag Source party for your team, then I don’t know what is!


Laser Tag Source makes hosting an event like this easy as pie. With our corporate package, you can save a total of $326! This comes with 20 Tippmann guns (which are only the best of the very best) and 15 large bunkers for your bobbing and weaving pleasures all for just $1,090 and free shipping! POW! Now, that is a good deal right there.


IF you are not feeling our corporate package option, do not fret my business people, for we have a customizable option for you! Whether you don’t need as many as 20 guns or you simply just like the freedom of creating your own, we can certainly do that for you. Our goal is to make your event as easy to setup and as fun as possible and we are going to make sure that happens.


So why is this a good idea for your fundraiser? Because it is a fundraiser that will get people involved. There are a lot of great fundraisers for a lot of great causes out there, but people are more likely to participate in your fundraiser if you give them something fun to look forward to and do. It beats sitting in metal fold-up chairs and because people know they will have a good time, they may be more likely to chip in a little extra for whatever you are raising funds for.


I’m sure you’re asking how spending money helps you raise money. Easy button answer: you rent the equipment from us, and then charge people to play laser tag! The sky is literally the limit on the type of event you create. This is our number one tip on raising money with Laser Tag Source. You can charge anywhere from $1-2 dollars up to $15 – it all depends on what you invest in the process. Want an easy pop-up game? Choose a casual Friday and have your office workers chip in $1 for every game and see how much you can raise for your charity of choice. Want to charge $15 a game from employees or event attendees if you’re hosting a fundraiser for the community? Create exhibition games where you pit department against department, the big wigs against the interns.


Why should you choose us? Because we are awesome, of course! Not sure if this is a good fit for your company? Give us a call! We have event professionals on hand who have helped many people take advantage of laser tag for fundraisers, with tips on how to save time and money, and how to make their unique event stand out.


Game on corporate business people.

-Shae- Laser Tag Source Marketing Intern