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Customer Spotlight: Sacajawea Middle School! - Laser Tag Source

We interview our customers and bring you their stories

We have started a new project – once a month we are helping to tell our client’s stories! We as Laser Tag Source partner with people across the nation and supply an adventure in a box for the event, and now we are going to promote YOU and the many creative ways and that you lovely people are using the equipment!

We had the absolute pleasure to work with Matt from Sacajawea Middle School, and I digitally interviewed him about his event.

Hi Matt. Brag to me about your school!  

Sacajawea Middle School is in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.  I, along with 3 others teachers, have a team of 100 8th grade students – half of the 8th grade.”

Wow – that’s a lot of 8th graders! What event sparked you to rent laser tag?

“For years, we have been thinking of ways to celebrate our students who achieve highly, accomplish difficult goals and, overall,  to have a team building event outside of the “normal” school functions.  Laser tag was a natural fit for this.  We organized teams of 8–10 players for a tournament style event where everyone was able to play for at least 30 minutes.”

What a great motivator for the students and a way to show that the teachers care. What made your event special?

“For us, the special part of the evening is seeing students enjoy themselves outside of the classroom, working together, and creating an environment that EVERY kid could be a part of.  Seeing students “mix it up,” be outside of their social groups and enjoying the evening made this event special.  More so, when one of the quietest, shyest students becomes the hero and has a grin from ear to ear, the event was worth it.”

As the parent of a shy 9th grader, it warmed my heart to hear about your student hero! What a great story. Did you come up with a unique way to use the equipment or do you have tips to pass along to someone doing an event like yours?

“We used our cafeteria, placed gym mats, tables, and loud music in it and it was perfect.  In the future, we will look into bunkers from Laser Tag Source for more convenient obstacles and cover.  The Phoenix LTX guns were perfect for two teams – easy to set up and easily operated by 8th grade students.  We used red jerseys for one team for better identification as we had the room fairly dark.”

Awesome. Why did you choose Laser Tag Source?

“In years past, we used a local company for laser tag guns.  This year that company could not provide for us, so we looked up laser tag rentals online, saw Laser Tag Source and inquired.  We were in a bit of a time crunch for ordering since our original plans fell through.  I spoke with Kristina on the phone, and within minutes our order was being packed and sent.  The order arrived on time and in working order.  It was obvious that Laser Tag Source cared about us and how our event went.  We will always use Laser Tag Source because of the service we received. They went out of their way to make sure the order arrived on time and our event went well. From the quality of the laser tag guns to the quality of the service, there is no other place I would go to.  You cared about our event going well before you cared about anything else – thank you!”

Thank you Matt for your order, the kind words and for letting us be a part of your event! We were thrilled to help make the magic happen even with the short time frame. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Do you have an event that you’ve used Laser Tag Source for and would like to share it and your organization with the internet world? Let us know – we are constantly looking for new stories to post. We are happy to tell about your organization, link to your online content when able, and share your great stories!

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