School’s Starting – do you have your Laser Tag?

With school starting up in just about a month here in the south, I think it’s about time to start planning an end of the summer bash. So instead of ending it with a bang, let’s help you end it with a silent laser tag boom and you’ll have a party and a summer that will surely never be forgotten.


If your are planning on making it a blow out, then picking one of our packages is definitely the best way to go as it gets you more bang for your buck plus free shipping depending on what kind of gun you choose. For all the awesome details on our packages, check out last weeks blog post here.


Really, any of our guns would be an awesome addition to your end of summer bash but my personal favorite and recommendation would have to go to the Ultimate LTX. Not only does it come in two bright and fun summer colors but the price is totally reasonable and it can act as a laser tag shot gun with the ability to hit three people at once.


Why are these good gun qualities for a summer party? Well like I mentioned earlier on, if you’re going to throw an end of the summer party, you need to make sure you go out with a boom and theres no better way to do that then using a gun that can do the damage of three regular tags as opposed to one.


So think on these things and then get started on the party planning. Whenever you’re ready, so are we.


-Shae, Laser Tag Source marketing intern