Laser Tag – in a Sword?!

In the beginning there was Photon created by George Cart and inspired by George Lucas. Now laser tag is expanding into all sorts of new places. We did a post a few weeks ago about laser tag guns breaking into the 3D printing market and being able to create your own laser tag experience at home, brought to you by a company called Skirmos. There was, of course, also the company called Zero Latency who work to meld the Oculus Rift virtual reality technology with laser tag. The perception that laser tag is old an obsolete is unfounded. Huge leaps are being made and there is a a niche that calls for a return to active games.

It seems fitting that the next addition answering this call would be in the form of a foam sword. The Kotaku, a news website that covers developments in gaming, described the new Sabertron as, “laser tag with swords.” which would complete George Cart’s imagination of a real life playable Star Wars. The creator, David Lynch was inspired by the same things that push laser tag source, after watching his kids play sword fighting video games all day he wanted to create a fun and safe way for them to sword fight actively outside  This new product came at a fantastic time as well. After watching Star Wars episode 7 my fellow 20+ year old friends and I ran to the nearest Walmart to purchase our own light sabers and duke it out in the parking lot. This was fun for as long as it took us before we were wincing and holding our throbbing fingers and hands disagreeing over how fatal it would really be to lose a hand, it does seem to happen to just about every jedi, sorry if you’re reading this Rey. An excellent alternative to hitting each other with plastic sticks is certainly the foam sword that can actually keep track of hits and even create teams, much the same as laser tag. As of right now you can only pre-order Sabertrons, they achieved there kickstarter goal and some, but if you find yourself doing such why not totally fulfill your Star Wars aspirations with some lasertag gear?

This is also only the beginning for Sabertron they will be looking to release armor and shields in the near future and I don’t see why not also create some compatibility with laser tag guns, maybe if they did certain laser tag rental companies would consider carrying them, but who am I to say such things?

While we must (for now) hurry up and wait for Sabertron, Laser Tag Source has plenty of get-them-now high-tech and low-tech options – everything from the brand new easy to use Titan for $12 to the ultra precise Tippmann for $39!