Embrace the Real World

So last week I talked about the idea of an end of summer laser tag bash but this week I would like to discuss the idea of a duel fundraiser/graduation for the graduating youth in your youth groups! If the high school seniors at your church are still involved in the weekly youth group until the end of the summer, now would be a perfect way to not only celebrate them but to send them off into “the real world” as my dad would always say.


On top of the celebratory aspect of this idea, I would also consider making this a fundraiser event as well. There are two main options for a fundraiser that i’d like to suggest. The first option is to post the graduation party in the church bulletin in order to hopefully gain the attention of some of the older members of the church (basically anyone who isn’t the youth) to help make a donation specifically for the cost of the Laser Tag Source rentals for the party. I suggest this only because I think it would be a nice idea to have have the supported funds, but also to make sure that the students don’t have to pay for their own party!


My second and favorite fundraising idea would be not to raise the funds for the rentals, but to raise funds for the upcoming year. These funds could help in a number of a different ways! Let me share some ideas with you:

  • Mission trips (near or far-God’s work needs to be done in all areas!)
  • Small group activities (bowling trips, ice cream..ways to get them involved and together outside of the church too)
  • Charity (have them choose their favorite charity and encourage them to get involved. Then they can start raising their own funds to continue the support)


Keep in mind, the fundraising can still be done whilst celebrating the graduating students. Let laser tag help you with this event! Depending on the size of your youth group (i’d recommend getting a head count a couple of weeks before the event) you can either order your own specific amount of guns OR you could order one of our packages. Our packages offer a range of different sizes. We have packages that offer 10, 12, 16 and 20 guns. 5 of which come with bunkers! If you need a few more than than what these packages offer but don’t want to order multiple packages, then you can always add on some single item guns.


Enough of my talking and rambling, I think now is a good time for you to get started on your youth event!


Later alligators,

Shae-Laser Tag Source Marketing Intern