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Guide to the Battle Rifle's Survivor Mode - Laser Tag Source

The world has descended into chaos. Infected mutants are slowly spreading, and all will soon be lost. This is the brutal reality of Survivor mode, one of the coolest zombie-esque game modes we’ve ever seen. In the world of laser tag, it doesn’t get more intense than this.


Survivor Mode pits two teams against each other: Humans vs. Infected. Unlike Death Match and Free-For-All, Survivor Mode is best played with just one life and without a time limit. If the Humans eliminate all of the Infected, then mankind as we know it lives to see another day. But each survivor that is hit with the infection turns into a mutant; a brutal blow to humanity’s already dwindling hope.


As one of the Survivors, any weapon in the Battle Rifle arsenal is available to you – whatever it takes to save humanity as we know it! Choose between an M4 Assault Rifle, SR100 Sniper Rifle, SMG X-3 Submachine Gun, TAC-87 Shotgun, or an MG7 Machine Gun. Don’t worry – if you need help deciding, we’ve put together a handy dandy Weapon Guide for you. Make sure you have each other’s backs out there – while it’s important to keep your trigger finger hot, don’t forget about that perk button! The perk for the Human team is a medkit. If you see a teammate being tagged by an infected mutant, hurry up and heal them using the medkit. If you’re too late, your ally will succumb to the infection, giving you one more problem to worry about.


As one of the Infected mutants, you will be armed with a special single-shot alien-tech weapon. What makes it so special? Well, for one thing, it has unlimited ammo, so feel free to keep pulling that trigger without worrying about reloading. Even more important, your ammunition doesn’t just damage your enemies – it slowly deposits the infection in their systems, eventually turning your nemesis into another Infected mutant. As one of the mutants, you’ll want to be aggressive in turning the humans to your side. The infection has taken its toll on your vocal cords, so you can’t stay in one place for too long without making involuntary groans. This means the humans will always have the advantage if the skirmish turns into a game of hide and seek.

Just like a real-life mutant outbreak, there should be no “time limit” or “respawning” for Survivor mode. The best way to play is simple – either the humans eliminate their infected enemies, or the mutants infect all of the survivors, ending the reign of humanity and kick starting the era of the mutants.