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Hero Blast Team Battles - Laser Tag Source

So you’re thinking about renting the all-new Hero Blast, but you want details on the best ways to play as a team. I don’t blame you; victory is won in the preparation! The basics of the Hero Blast are easy enough. In fact, you can get a game up and running within a few seconds of turning them on! But once you start your battle of comic book proportions, you’ll need the best team strategies to win. Our Hero Blast packages come with eight taggers; four players per team.

The Best Combos:


  • 1 Titan
  • 2 Commandos
  • 1 Medic

This is probably the most popular team combination out there with the Hero Blast. You have the raw power of the Titan, able to take out multiple adversaries at once. You have the versatility and quickness of two commandos, who can use their superpowers to flank their enemies and deal devastating damage in a flash. Finally, in the event that your team is on its last legs, you have the medic, who can use their superpower to heal their squad.


    • 2 Titans
    • 2 Commandos

Look: no room for Medics here. This team is all about the offense. With the superpowers of two Titans, your squad will be able to dominate the competition. Of course, the Commandos will still be there to push back any enemies getting too close, giving the Titans plenty of time to charge that final blow.


      • 1 Titan
      • 3 Medics

This is a bold choice, but can be effective in the right situation. If you have some bunkers, or any other kind of cover, the One-Man Army style can be a great way to catch your enemy getting too aggressive. The strategy is simple: Send a Titan out to the front lines, hiding behind a bunker near the enemy. Meanwhile, the three medics hang back in the safer areas of the battlefield. It’s the Titan’s job to wipe out as many enemies as possible, all while the Medics keep replenishing their health, giving the Titan superhuman power AND health.


      • 4 Commandos

Our final recommendation for your squad of superheroes is simple: four commandos. The flash-like speed of the commando’s superpower is even more powerful when there are four of you. Before your enemy can blink, they will be eliminated and waiting to respawn in the game. Be careful, though. With no Medics on the battlefield, you need to take advantage of any bunkers in the area.

So which team will you roll with? Our suggestion: try them all out, then create your own combination based on each player’s strengths! Ready to become the superhero? Renting is quick and easy! Click that “Place Reservation” button in the top right corner to get started, and, as always, we ship nationwide!