We’ll help you answer that age-old question!

Like the age range on a box of classic Legos (which is 4-99 by the way, those poor sad centenarians!) the right number of taggers for your camp can run from just a few to hundreds. It all depends on how laser tag fits into your camp activities. Hopefully what we share below will be helpful as you make that call for your summer program.


Factor #1: Will laser tag focus more on competition or fun at your camp? If you’re looking to build a laser tag experience that is competitive then your order will probably be 16-20 taggers. This allows for manageable game play. Competitive games really need a referee or two to keep an eye on crafty players and keep things fair. Referees can’t effectively control a game of 100 players. If you’re thinking competitive you may want to consider going with some of our higher end laser tag equipment like the Tippmann Barracuda.


If you’re looking to create a laser tag experience that focuses on fun then your ideal number of taggers is determined by two main factors: Budget and Factor #2…


Factor #2: How big is your game area?  Do you have a football field or a broom closet to play in? 20 people on a football field may feel sparse at times, but pack those same 20 people into a cleared out bunk-house and it’s sardine tag! If laser tag is a “Field Event” you could easily put 40 players on the field, if you’re hosting it inside a gym 20 people is a great number to play, inside anything smaller figure your numbers accordingly, or give us a call for help!


A good rule of thumb is outdoor laser tag events can handle many more taggers in the mix than indoor events. If you are looking to pack more players indoors we recommend the Titan tagger as it’s shorter range and tighter tagging beam keeps big indoor games fun and engaging.


Factor #3: Main Event or just part of the mix? If laser tag is the main event for your camp then go big! We’ve had a few camp coordinators who ended their camps with a camp-wide laser tag battle. This means hundreds of taggers and using huge areas of your camp as an epic outdoor arena!  If laser tag is just another activity in your schedule you probably won’t need boxes and boxes of taggers.

Ultimately the right number of taggers for your camp depends on how you’re planning on using them. Here’s some great news for you: Our amazing staff are here to help if you need assistance dialing in the right number of taggers for your summer of awesome! Give us a call or use the contact form on our website and we will do our best to lend a hand!


Indoor Laser Tag (A Better Plan B)