Looking for a way to raise money for your nonprofit, youth group or civic organization?

 Laser Tag is a great option and it’s customizable to your event.

 If you are running a large event and have a big number of people that want to play, consider using the Phoenix LTX. These guns are easy to set up for games, easy to play with, fun and durable! They come in 2 colors if you want to do Teams, or you can choose the Solo method on the gun and run Last Man Standing Games. 

 So how do you raise money with them? Easy. For starters, they are our most cost-effective guns. At $12 a piece, you can do packages of 10 or 20 for right at $250 (adding in for shipping). For your event, determine how much time you have, and how many total people you think will play. Then, do what we call “Pay to Play” and have event attendees pay to play laser tag. 

 For example, if you have a space-themed event and are expecting 500 attendees, rent the Phoenix LTX and offer laser tag. Set your Pay to Play rate based on atmosphere, average cost of other activities at your event, and desired fundraising outcome. If 500 people play and you charge $1 a ticket, then you’ve made $500 and covered the cost of renting the equipment.

 Before guests even arrive, create a sense of intrigue, mystery, and fun by using social media prior to your laser tag event. Social media is a free tool to create excitement. Invite those 500 people to be a part!

 Want to charge more than a dollar or two? Invest in the atmosphere of your laser tag set up. Decorations, music, lights, bunkers for people to hide behind and around, a DJ or game Emcee that draws attention; these create an event that people will want to pay to be a part of. With a high quality atmosphere, you as the event host deliver a more interactive experience and because of that, you can charge more than just a dollar to play.

 We’ve got the equipment you need and the sky is the limit based on what you invest into your attendee experience! Any questions? Feel free to leave us a comment so that we can help you out in any way we can!

Question: How have you utilized your resources in order to build up your Laser Tag Source event? We would love to hear your ideas!