A non-nerd goes to San Diego Comic Con

Harry Potter (all of the books and movies). Sherlock (through season 3-ish). Dr. Who (seasons 1-David Tennant). Modern Family, Parks and Recreation and Bob’s Burgers (all caught up).

These are a couple of the fandoms that I thought would give me a background for Comic Con San Diego. My job as the event and marketing planner with Laser Tag  sent me to provide the laser tag portion of the Nerdist event space.

Since the Nerdist Borderlands SLTAB event ended on Saturday we had a day to navigate the convention floor of Comic Con.

Tons of people have asked what my experience was like, so allow me to explain: Everything I thought I knew, I didn’t. I saw Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction (not really him). I saw Gandalf the Grey but my husband Tony didn’t want his picture with him because his staff was the wrong one. Sidebar: I would like credit for knowing who Gandalf is and what role he plays in Star Wars. (Just kidding. I know its Lord of the RingsLOTR fans RETREAT RETREAT).

The Floor at Comic Con is an overwhelming experience and to say that I didn’t fit in is an understatement. I brought no Cosply and I don’t recognize Benedict Cumberbatch without curly Sherlock hair.

But even with that, I have to tell you about my 3 favorite experiences:

1. Comic Con attendees are among the nicest on the planet. They appreciate how much or how little other people know. They waited in the sun to play laser tag and were as excited as if we were giving them actual lasers to take home. They dedicate a large amount of energy and effort to honing their craft, learning an alternate universe, and identifying with other people. I can respect that.

2. I am a Book nerd. Cat lady nerd. Was never popular in high school nerd. You know. I willingly carried extra books in addition to my text books. While at Comic Con, I managed to stumble upon a publisher whose books I’ve read (and love!) and who gifted me with a free Grumpy Cat mask. Thank you Chronicle Books for giving me my one and only chance to say “I. KNOW. WHAT. THAT. IS!!!”

3. The Nerdist Borderlands Laser Tag experience was a hit! 11,000 people came through the Nerdist space, and 2,000 of those played laser tag. Nerdist was smart to offer an activity because so many of the Comic Con experiences are digital or sedentary. Borderlands was smart to partner with Nerdist in what I’m calling a marketing move of sheer genius. Laser Tag Source provided the Tippmanns which allowed 40+ people to play a high tech game of laser tag and the CDM updated the scores in real time. It was tons of fun.

Laser Tag Source community – share your Comic Con experience with us!
If you’ve never attended Comic Con, why not? Do you identify with me on the edge of nerdism or with Tony and know exactly which staff Gandalf should have? Do you want to create your own Tippmann adventure? (We’ll ship it to you!)

Inquiring minds want to know!
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