Here it is: our newest, hottest, biggest tagger! You probably noticed that this bad boy is extremely photogenic, but the Battle Rifle doesn’t just look good – it comes loaded with features. It brings all of your favorite videogame action to reality (and, no, not the virtual kind – REALity). So what can you expect from this brand new blaster? Well, we’re going to be posting details about all of the unique game modes, weapons, and everything in between over the next few weeks. But here is an overview of everything the Battle Rifle offers its users.


A fan-favorite feature makes its return to Laser Tag Source! You don’t have to aim at the gun to tag your enemies – pop out from behind your bunker, peek down the sights, and shoot that laser beam right at your enemy’s headband!

Game Modes

Every Battle Rifle comes with four unique game modes to choose from. Are you craving a traditional, old-school showdown? Free-For-All and Team Death Match have got you covered. Maybe you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous, though. Go ahead and give Survival mode a shot and see if the humans can defeat the infected (or if the infected can take over the world). The final game mode, Supremacy, takes your classic team death match and flips it on its side by adding some insane options. With specialized classes and perks, plus the added danger of throwing a third team in there, Supremacy is not for the weak.


That’s right: you’re not forced into a one-style mold with the Battle Rifle. Want a solid mid-range rifle with fully automatic rounds? Stick with Old Reliable: The M4. Do you like to get up close and personal to your opponent? Go ahead and switch to the TAC-87 Shotgun. Maybe you prefer to be hidden in the distance, tracking your unsuspecting target across the field. The SR100 Sniper is the choice for you. With five different weapon options, you can find the play style that’s right for you and your team.


Enemies closing in fast? It’s a good thing you didn’t waste your Grenade Launcher perk earlier in the game. Use it now to clear out the area and buy yourself some time. Maybe you see your ally is almost tagged out. Hurry up and use that med-kit to recharge his health! Traditional no-perks modes are available, but if you want to add a twist, then strategize with your squad and choose the perks that will put you over the top! Different game modes provide different perks: with options like Concussion Grenades, EMP Blasts, Medkits, Dual Weapons, and more, the possibilities are endless!


Keep an eye on our Facebook page to get all the latest updates for the Battle Rifle! We’ll be keeping you up to date with tutorial videos, suggested settings, and more. In the mean time, keep counting down to August 14th!