Connect with friends and family!

Winter is the depressing time of the year. It’s not just a statement I’m making. That’s just a fact for human beings. People get sad and lonely in winter. Less daytime, less time spent outside and more time spent inside away from others. People try to fix their bad feelings by going on Instagram, looking at celebrities enjoying the Bahamas or friends drinking lattes. They fill their days with work and Netflix, but all the good shows haven’t started back up yet so you’re stuck with old Revolution episodes, which no one wants to be stuck watching. Some people play video games to use some time but nowadays companies are wise and force you to buy you own system and a subscription to online game-play if you want to play with your friends who are all cooped up in their own homes feeling the same kind of glumness you are.

Laser Tag Source prides itself on helping people be happy. We want you go out and have fun with your friends and we are happy that our job is to provide a way for you to do that. We have a deal going on right now to help you out with that. It’s called The Source Awakens, and yeah it is pretty clever. If you haven’t seen that movie do yourself a huge favor and go do that. That will make you a happier person too and give you a “new hope” (get it?) in a series that put out prequels that made you question everything you hold dear, but I digress.

I want you to go and have a good time the next chance you get. I think the best way for you to do that would be renting some laser tag gear and getting outside while we’re having some warmer weather, at least here in Virginia, but even if you feel like you’d rather just play a board game or throw the football around just make sure you spend time with others. We care about you at Laser Tag Source because we are in the business of bringing people joy. Video games, social media and cell phones, they don’t connect you to people. They substitute a virtual version of your friend or loved one. Being in person socializing is a real connection and there is no substitute for that. Laser tag connects you in a way social media can’t, creates competition video games don’t, and interaction beyond a mobile app.