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Laser Tag Source - Behind the Scenes! - Laser Tag Source

Hello everyone – Kristina here, and I want you to meet Holly!

It takes a small army to test and ship laser tag guns all over the United States and today I would like to introduce you to Holly, one of our Customer Relations specialists!

Holly – we are so thrilled to have you on board here at Laser Tag Source! I have some questions that will help our Laser Tag fans get to know you so let’s jump right in!

Where are you from? I was born in V.A. Beach ,V.A. but I have been living in Asheville N.C. for the last 6 years.

Both equally beautiful places! What about pop culture…favorite book/band or tv shows? I would say my favorite books are the Odd Thomas books by Dean Koontz. My favorite band is Hall and Oates. For tv shows and movies it would be anything funny/scifi.

Hall and Oates…probably the last thing I expected you to say! What is your number one laser tag tip? My number one laser tag tip is: It doesn’t matter how many people you tag as long as you look totally awesome while doing it!

I 100% agree! What’s your favorite Laser Tag Source gun? I think my favorite gun is the LTX just because it is simple to use and the game play is quick and easy. It is nice to be able to start up a new game with fast and minimal effort.

The LTX is so simple to operate, and it’s cost effective which is super nice! How many square feet of pizza do you think are eaten in the US every month? 60,000!

Great guess! There’s way too much math involved in that question so I cheated and Googled it – the answer there is a guestimated 200 million!

Bonus – tell me a fun fact or something I’d never ever guess about you (other than Hall and Oates 😉 )

Bonus! I once met Dan Aykroyd at the airport and I told him he was my favorite Ghost Buster. Bonus Bonus, That wasn’t true because everyone’s favorite is Bill Murray 🙂

Ha ha – thanks for letting me interview you Holly!

When you call Laser Tag Source, Holly is one of the great people you will speak with. Feel free to call her today with any event or laser tag questions you may have!