Your Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Often we hear the same questions over and over on the phone – and we wanted to make it easy for you guys and put some of those most asked questions in one place for you. Hope it helps!


How far in advance should I order for my event?

-Great question! We recommend that try and get your order in three weeks in advance in order to give us the time that we need to get everything set up and shipped out to you. During times when we have a lot of orders coming in, we want to ensure that you get exactly what you asked for and by the date that you need it for and by ordering approximately three weeks early, we are confident that you will receive your order on time.


Does every system require a sensor vest?

-No sir-ee! All of our guns, except the UbiSoft, have built in sensors within them that make it so a vest is not needed. The Tippmann uses RF signals in order to communicate between guns and both the Phoenix LTX  and the Ultimate Phoenix LTX use a 360 degree sensor dome.


How do you calculate shipping?

Shipping costs are based off of your location in the United States and how far you are from where we are at in Lynchburg, Virginia. There are 5 zones with zone 1 being the closest to our location and having the cheapest shipping rates and zone 5 being the furthest and having a more expensive shipping rate. These costs also include the return shipping as well. Keep in mind that last minute orders may result in a higher shipping cost as well but you are also able to pick up your orders for no extra charge if you’re up for the drive! On a side note, 5 of our 8 packages include free shipping as well as our bunkers!



If you are looking for gun related FAQ questions, feel free to check out our main Laser Tag Source page under the FAQ tab (Hint: if you click on the words “FAQ tab”, it’ll take you right there) 😉


If you have any more questions, feel free to leave us a comment so that we can answer them for you!


-Shae, Laser Tag Source Marketing Intern